Andrew M. Stewart, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist
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Psychotherapy, Consultation, Performance Enhancement, and Music Therapy For Adults and Adolescents

Psychotherapy, Consultation, Performance Enhancement, & Music Therapy For Adults and Adolescents











What Is Performance Enhancement?

The most successful atheletes and performers at any level have something important in commmon: Commitment to being their best, joy in what they're doing, and the Mental Edge that allows them to focus, fail-and-forget, and forge ahead under pressure.

Many of these successful people are unaware that their minds give them an edge over others who might even possess the same physical skills... They just say things like "I get in a zone","the ball looks bigger", "everything slows down", and "I just let it go when I make a mistake".

With instruction and practice, the mental skills that seem to come "naturally" to some people can be learned and improved on to help develop realistic confidence and enhance performance in one's field.


Mental Skills training for performance enhancement in athletics and performing arts can help you be your best.


I've been there.

As a performing musician and former high-level athlete, I've been fortunate to have mental skills that have allowed me to play and succeed above my expected level given my age and experience.