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Psychotherapy, Consultation, Performance Enhancement, and Music Therapy For Adults and Adolescents

Psychotherapy, Consultation, Performance Enhancement, & Music Therapy For Adults and Adolescents











What is Therapy? 

As you look for a therapist, you will be confronted with an often confusing array of credentials. For example, there are psychologists, marriage and family therapists, social workers, and so forth, who practice a variety of "brands" of treatment. There are also psychiatrists, who are physicians who can prescribe medication.


Research has been clear in showing that the most important factor in therapy is the quality of the therapeutic relationship, NOT the particular techniques, theoretical orientation, or academic degree of the therapist.

Furthermore, the results of psychotherapy tend to last longer and be less likely to require additional treatment than treatment with medicines.


Whatever theory or brand of treatment is used, therapy, (psychotherapy), is the careful, scientifically based application of a variety of techniques that help people change their behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and other personal characteristics in ways that can allow them to thrive and cope with the everyday stesses of living.


The American Psychological Association website has further information about the effectiveness of psychological treatment here: